#04: How to Collaborate with Brands & Tap into New Audiences to Grow Your Reach, Revenue & Engagement – with Tanya Simpson

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Today’s episode, titled “How to Collaborate with Brands & Tap into New Audiences to Grow Your Reach, Revenue & Engagement” is with Tanya Simpson, from Collaboration Playground.

Tanya has secured, created and managed partnerships for some of the biggest brands and events, including Melbourne International Comedy Festival, National Gallery of Victoria, Australian Ballet, Carols by Candlelight and the Australian Open along with sold out stage shows such as Matilda, Frozen and Harry Potter & the Cursed Child. She has also worked with various brands including Harry’s Ice Cream, Dr Bronner’s, sauced shop and artist / designer Fleur Harris.

She is a brand partnerships expert passionate about collaborating with organisations on partnerships which bring strong ROI, create engaging content, revenue opportunities, ideas and activations.

In todays’ episode Tanya walks us through just how easy it is to collaborate with another brand. Her ideas on what you could collaborate on will leave you excited and eager to get out there and start collaborating. 

The key take away messages include:

  1. Anyone can collaborate

  2. Be clear on what you’re looking for from a collaboration

  3. Ensure both brands share common values

  4. Know the collaborators audience – making sure it’s a good fit for your brand

  5. Be patient and follow up with brands you’ve reached out to. Some companies may take a while, however that doesn’t mean they’re not keen.

  6. Go out there and have fun collaborating!


Links discussed in this podcast:

Collaboration Playground website: www.collaborationplayground.com

Collaboration playground Instagram account: www.instagram.com/collabplayground

Holistic Vision Instagram account: www.instagram.com/holisticvisionconsultancy

Holistic Vision website: www.holisticivision.com.au

Free resource “Marketing on a Page’ template: www.holisticvision.com.au/strategy



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