#15: Mindset tools of becoming the CEO of You


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Today’s episode, titled “Mindset tools of becoming the CEO of You” with Shandra Moran


Shandra is the founder of The Transit Lounge, a boutique coaching consultancy for women who’ve had a career and now want to start their own business.

She’s an award-winning promotions and marketing director, Professional Results coach, internationally accredited money breakthrough coach, podcast host and co-author of an international bestselling book ‘Elevate Your Success’.

An early ‘midlife crisis’ led Shandra to leave the media industry and follow her passion for people development, and after training as a coach, she held a senior management role within a learning and development company.

Following a diagnosis of severe adrenal fatigue in 2014, she reinvented her professional life once again when she left her successful career to create ‘The Transit Lounge’.

Shandra is passionate about working with professional women who want to be their own boss – so they can earn great money, doing work they love, without burning out.

She helps them do that through Private coaching and her online coaching and implementation group ‘Women In Transit – the path to being your own boss’


The key take away messages include:

  1. Common marketing challenges with women as they transition from being employed to wanting to become a business owner.
  2. What works in helping women break through the inner game.
  3. The importance of finding your girl gang to support you.
  4. How do you go about networking?
  5. What are some of the biggest hurdles that women face when starting a business?
  6. When you’re younger, there aren’t as many commitments, and there is more opportunity to change if things don’ts
  7. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to achieve a certain salary level that may not be appropriate for the business stage.
  8. The challenges that career women face when they leave the creative focus on the business.

Links discussed in this podcast:

Business Website: thetransitlounge.com

LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/shandramoran/

Instagram:  @thetransitlounge

Facebook Group: FB The Transit Lounge

FB The Transit Lounge

Holistic Vision Instagram: www.instagram.com/holisticvisionconsultancy

Ameeta Gangaram on LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/ameetagangaram/

Holistic Vision website: www.holisticivision.com.au

Free resource “Marketing on a Page’ template: www.holisticvision.com.au/strategy)

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