#17: Develop Your Money Mindset


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Today’s episode, titled “Develop Your Money Mindset’ with Our Guest Expert Karyn De Mol


Karyn De Mol from of Goodnessmealternative is a Multi Award-winning Author, Speaker, and Empowerment Expert.

Karyn is a successful CPA accountant with a burning desire to find balance not only on the balance sheet but on the inside too. Karyn has spent years dedicated to learning therapeutic modalities that have helped her find who she is on the inside, rather than only what she and people saw on the outside. Karyn has found her passion and has transitioned to working with workaholic women using any method to numb out, empowering them to love and accept themselves. Helping them overcome the beliefs and secret fears that hold them back from finding balance in life and feeling peace in their hearts and mind.

Karyn is the co-author of the 10x multi-award winning book Eating Secrets to help others who struggle with numbing out by emotional eating and use food to soothe.


The key take away messages include:

  • Why women need to break through their self-sabotage.
  • Why do women feel that they’re not deserving of money?
  • Why do you need someone else to listen to you when you have negative self-talk?
  • Working within a monthly cycle.
  • Why you need to have the numbers in your business.
  • Drivers that keep people from moving forward.
  • The importance of finding the right coach.
  • We need to reconnect to our intuition and listen to your gut. 
  • The connection between food cravings and self-worth.
  • The interconnectedness of everything in our lives and business.

Links discussed in this podcast:

Karyn De Mol Website: www.goodnessmealternative.com.au

Fb/ IG/ LinkedIn: @Transformwithkaryn

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