#18: This ONE Small Habit will Flip your Business Around!

aEp_18_ONE_Small_Habit_will_Flip_your_Business_Around_with_Erin Slingerland

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Today’s episode, titled “This ONE Small Habit will Flip your Business Around!” with Our Guest Expert Erin Slingerland 


Erin is a Life & Holistic Health & Fitness Coach for 1on1 clients ready to transform their bodies’ and lives, as well as the founder of Plant Based Bod, an 8 step program which aims to free people from restrictive and binge eating, misinformation and fad diets.

Her goal is to make intuitive holistic lifestyles and living a purpose driven life the norm for all women. One where women are led by their inner knowing and are excited to finally step into their power. She uses her qualifications in psychology nutrition and fitness to do just that while spreading the word far and wide as a writer and creator.

Erin is fueled by kindness and compassion which makes her fiercely passionate about the planet and all its beings. In her free time you’ll find her dancing, cooking, creating, learning or laughing while enjoying living out her mission.


The key takeaway messages include:

  • What the quality of your sleep can do for your business performance, plus how to know if yours is good or bad.
  • The one small change that will have the biggest impact on your business
  • Morning routines that prepare you for day where everything flows 
  • The power of community in business.
  • It is so important to remember that health really is your wealth.
  • Start investing in yourself; invest by making time. Have time for what’s important.
  • Want more tips? Head to Erin’s FREE Entrepreneurs Wellness Cheatsheet’ and be at the top of your game every day!

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