#59 5 LinkedIn marketing secrets to grow your business

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Today I talk about the 5 LinkedIn marketing secrets that will grow your business. So many health professionals feel they’ve not gotten traction with other social media platforms. Some have a little fear of LinkedIn and think it’s a scary east. Whichever pool you’re in know that this podcast is going to get you started the right way with LinkedIn.

Key takeaways from the podcast

  • LinkedIn is powerful when you know how to use it.
  • To use LinkedIn effectively, you need to have a clear strategy.
  • Activity on LinkedIn matters.
  • Ready to get friendly? Let’s connect with people on LinkedIn.


Are you looking for simplified ways to grow your business? 

Do you struggle with knowing where to focus your energy for the best return? 

Or are you loving your business success and looking to stay ahead of the pack through innovation and inspiration? 

 If you’ve answered yes to any, keep listening. 

 Hi I’m Ameeta, from Holistic Vision. 

As a business owner, I understand that we wear multiple hats, sometimes all at the same time. Occasionally this leads to overwhelm and stress. Of being reactive instead of proactive. 

 But when you’re equipped with the right business strategies, marketing insights and mindset it leads to a sense of accomplishment. Your confidence in your skills grows. 

Plus there’s power in the fact that you’re creating a lifestyle you love whilst going out there and helping others.

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This week today we’re talking about the 5 LinkedIn Marketing Secrets That Will Grow Your Business. 

Before we dive into those secrets let’s do a quick recap on what LI is. Just in case you’re not as familiar with this platform. 

LinkedIn is a professional networking platform. It’s a place where you can connect with people you know and meet new people who can help you advance your career or grow your business. LinkedIn has over 830 million members worldwide, so it’s a huge network of potential customers, partners, and employees. 

Now you’re clear on what this platform is, let’s take a moment and think about who this is going to benefit?  

I like to frame it as a place to build professional and collaborative relationships. 

It’s great for a range of professions and positions from• Business owners • Entrepreneurs • Job seekers • Salespeople • Recruiters • to Marketing professionals 

But as always if you’re wanting it to form part of your marketing mix you need to do your homework first. What do I mean by this? Start with conducting research with your ideal clients. 

Find out how they use the platform, when they’re on it and who do they look to follow and why. 

 If you’re a nutritionist, and your ideal clients are children with gut health issues, then it’s the parents you need to do this research with. 

Are they looking for experts on LinkedIn that can help their child? 

What articles or newsletters are they subscribing to on LI? 

How often do they go on this platform? When you understand your audience well you can tailor your marketing strategy to cater to their needs. 

Need help with identifying your audience? Then this free resource will get you started. Download the resource ‘7  questions to clarify who you want to work with’ at www.holisticvision.com.au. You’ll be amazed at the questions you never through to ask and how simple it can make your marketing when you do!

As always make sure that each social media platform fits into your strategy and is well thought out. 

Posting content on the fly on any platform not only adds to your stress levels, but it means you’re not seeing if that piece fits this puzzle, and you can end up with puzzle pieces from multiple puzzles which never come together as a whole picture. 

 Don’t be that person. Take the time to plan. It’s with planning that you feel more at ease with your marketing and see how that fits into the vision you have for your business. It’s with planning that you’re able to track real results. 

And it’s with planning that you’re able to build your confidence. 

So as a business owner you may be thinking why do I need to really be on here? 

There are many reasons why business owners should be on LinkedIn. 

I’ll share a few of the top benefits: 

• Generate leads and sales: LinkedIn is a great place to find and connect with potential customers. You can use LinkedIn to search for people who match your target demographic and then send them personalized messages. 

The key is – don’t be salesy. Be professional, attentive and open to sharing your knowledge. The sale naturally follows.

• Build relationships with other businesses: LinkedIn is also a great place to build relationships with other businesses. I know I’ve formed great alliances with business owners from Li who compliment my business. I’ve gone on to collaborate with them and built strong relationships as a result. 

You can connect with suppliers, partners, and other business owners in your industry. And it’s a great way for quick bites of industry news which can form part of your strategy too

• Establish yourself as an expert: LinkedIn is a great platform to share your expertise and thought leadership. You can write articles, post updates, and participate in groups to share your knowledge with others. 

I recently went to a LI profile of a prominent business coach who talks predominantly about digital marketing and sales. When I saw her profile I noticed she hadn’t updated it in over a year. There may be many reasons for this, but I want to highlight the importance of consistency here. 

And it comes back to your marketing strategy. If you’ve got a clear plan mapped out it’s important to stick to it as much as possible. 

Even when you think nobody is watching, they are. You showing up consistently adds to building your credibility and not to mention the algorithms love it. 

 • Find new employees: If you’re looking to hire new employees, LinkedIn is a great place to start your search. 

You can post job openings and search for qualified candidates. Again, as your business grows use LI to find team members that fit your business values and culture. 

Do your research before interviews and it’s a great platform to start a conversation. 

Next I wanted to briefly discuss how to use LinkedIn effectively so that it isn’t overwhelming or stressful.

Start here:

 • Create a strong profile: Your LinkedIn profile is your first impression, so make sure it’s well-written and informative. Include a clear and concise summary of your skills and experience, and be sure to include relevant keywords. 

• Be active: LinkedIn is a social network, so it’s important to be active. Share articles, post updates, and comment on other people’s posts. You can also join groups and participate in discussions. 

• Connect with people: The more connections you have, the more people will see your content. Send connection requests to people you know and meet new people by searching for people who match your target demographic. 

LinkedIn is a powerful tool. It’s a great place to generate leads and sales, build relationships with other businesses, establish yourself as an expert, and find new employees. Are you going to up your game and start using LI? Pop your answer in the podcast quiz in the the shownotes to let me know!

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