#60 3 Lessons on consistency from a trip to the ER

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In this episode, let’s dive into the heart of business success—consistency. Join me on a journey inspired by my recent ER adventure, as I unravel the keys to maintaining consistency in messaging, patient care, and procedures.


Key Takeaways:

  • Navigate the business landscape with confidence, equipped with the right tools and strategies.
  • Learn the art of consistency in messaging, patient care, and procedures.
  • Uncover the three crucial lessons on consistency from a surprising source—the ER experience!



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Today, we’re talking about consistency. Now, this is a word that is tossed around in business. All the time. Consistency in your messaging, consistency in patient care or client services, consistency in your procedures and staff training, and the list goes on. Today I really wanted to drill down on the three lessons that I learned about consistency from a recent trip to the ER.

If you follow me on social media, you may have seen a recent story of me being in the hospital. Thank Visiting a hospital is never fun. It really does bring up those feelings of anxiety, stress, and fear. I think that the reason for these emotions really kicks in because we feel vulnerable about what’s happening.

We Know that a lot of it is out of our control and oftentimes that can leave us with those emotions. So I thought I’d break down the three things around consistency that can help you as the client or your clients. and patience. One is consistency with communication. The first thing it starts with is staff training.

The same message needs to be shared and provided each and every time to potential clients or clients and customers. It ensures that a client feels cared for, feels that they, they feel like they’re getting the same message so that they can then on a subconscious level Build that trust with you. Don’t leave.

your staff members brushing off your clients or potential clients, whether that be on the phone, whether that be online via a chat, email, or in person, make them feel welcome. Every step of the way. And one thing that you can do with this is start writing out scripts for your staff. This happened when I went to the ER, where I actually had to go twice.

The first time, the experience was really smooth from the first person that I spoke to. in the reception area. They were welcoming, they, I felt like I was being cared for, I felt like they were hearing what I was saying, and they were paying attention to me. Whereas on the second time it wasn’t as smooth, um, and it really left me feeling like I wasn’t important and what I was going through wasn’t important enough either.

The other thing that you need to also consider is the information that’s being shared about treatment. Is this being given in a consistent way? Think about, are you writing out prescriptions? Are you writing out treatment plans? Are you providing information via an online client portal? What is it that you’re providing that client and how are you providing it?

Is it the same structure every time? Or are you changing even the type of prescription pad that you use or the fonts that you use on your printouts? Those little things on a subconscious level can leave people feeling unsure and a bit hesitant in terms of their experience with you. So really just consider that when You’re putting together your treatment, make sure that you are being consistent as much as possible.

The way that this information is passed on to the person on the other side will help them alleviate any stress that they may be experiencing. And again, the example for this was from this experience that I had at the ER. The Prescription that I was given from the doctor when I went to the pharmacist was filled out differently, but the information and the instructions that were given were different and I questioned it with the pharmacist and they were adamant that The way that they were saying that the medication needed to be taken was the correct way.

So, you take that and you trust that, but think of it from a client perspective. How would that leave your client feeling, knowing that you’ve had one way, um, one type of information shared? From one person and then that information is being totally reversed and you’ve told a totally different story from somebody else.

So be consistent with the way that you provide that information and make sure that it is the correct information being shared and it doesn’t need to be questioned at all. The third thing is that you do need to be consistent when it comes to procedures. If there’s paperwork to be completed before a client sees you, do you have this standardized?

Is there an email going out beforehand where they can fill this online? Or do you have those forms available readily at the reception desk? When they walk into the office, how are you processing that information? What is it that they need to do? Think about that client coming in. Are the reception staff saying to the client, okay.

Take this form, have a seat, fill it out, come back to me and hand it back. Or are they then sometimes saying, no, stand here and fill it out? Or are they just not giving the client any information? Those types of procedures with regards to staff members needs to be consistent. So you might have two or three different receptionists.

You might have several other team members. Are they sharing the same message every time in the same way with clients that they’re coming into contact with? And when I was admitted at the hospital, I had a mixture of information being provided. Um, I remember walking in and first thing was you need to wear a mask.

So there was a table right at the front of the reception area in the ER where all the masks were. Standard procedure at the security guard. advised you to put one on, and so you did, and you saw everybody else waiting was wearing one, the staff behind the reception desk were wearing one as well, so that was just standard.

But once I went in, um, and was admitted, I started to see a variation. There were some doctors and some nurses wearing masks, and there were some that weren’t, even when they were in contact, direct contact with me as a patient. So those small things, you know, it left me thinking, well, what is the right thing to do?

Am I meant to be wearing it? Am I not? Um. Whether you’re wearing it or not, I mean, this is one example, but the thing with it is, be consistent. If it’s standard protocol, then everybody needs to follow that, unless there’s a specific reason for them not to. It means for your client or your patient is that they feel that they can trust you and that everything is being followed through the same way every time they come in.

This helps to build that connection, that rapport with the client and you and your staff. It also means that they’re more likely to want to come. back, not that I want to go back to the yo, but that they want to come back and that they are going to refer people to you as a practitioner, as a business, whether you have a service based business or a product based business, it doesn’t matter.

The other example that I have here as well is the process of say, for example, you’ve got a product based business and you sell, send your orders out online to customers. Do you have a specific procedure for the way that your products are packed? into the box? Is there specific packaging that’s used to prevent things from breaking?

How things are wrapped? Are there materials that are put in like brochures or instructions, the invoice? How is that done when you’re sending out that parcel? That process needs to be the same every time. So when that customer gets your order, gets their order from you, they open that box, and they know what to expect each time.

Recently I got an order online, and the box was beautifully branded. I opened it up, and there was a really nice layout of the way that they packed the box, but also that puts, um, An information card on how to use the products at the top, they covered the box inside with tissue paper and all the colors were all consistent with their branding from the time that I was on their website, right through to this box landing on my doorstep and me opening it up that consistency is really important when it comes to your messaging and this was a fourth Little bonus example that I wanted to share to you, share with you with regards to consistency and that is consistency with your brand messaging.

It is really something that we do need to start paying more attention to because such an easy one for us to standardize. Think about your digital presence. Are you consistent with the way that you message online, on your social media platforms? Is that message the same when somebody clicks on your website URL, goes to your website and lands on your homepage?

Is there a consistent look and feel and even messaging on there? that corresponds to what they saw on your social media. When they come in to your clinic, your store, or they then get an order from you, is the messaging the same? It’s really important that it does feel congruent because this ticks off in somebody’s subconscious mind that You can be trusted, you know what you’re doing, you have the expertise, you are the right person for them.

This can really help to cement in their minds that this is the right place for them at this moment in time. So. Think about that because that is something that you can easily fix. Another example that I had around messaging and brand messaging was I recently had to go out and find a healthcare practitioner, and I went onto Google and I started reading the reviews.

Which didn’t look great. Yet when I read the reviews in detail, I noticed that over 75 percent of them seemed to actually be spam reviews. So that made me take a step back and think, okay, well, let me dig a little deeper. I started asking around, and I spoke to a couple of friends, and one of them was actually a current client of this practitioner, and she raved about this person.

Second person that I spoke to was another healthcare practitioner who recommended this person to me as well. So I thought, well, these are two different people that are recommending this practitioner. It’s worth me making the appointment and going in there and seeing for myself. So I made the appointment and the photos that were online on Google were true to what I saw when I walked into the practice.

The person that greeted me at the reception desk was the same person that I spoke to on the phone when making the appointment. The information that she shared in person was consistent with what she had said on the phone as well. So there was consistency throughout and that again just helped to Nurture that feeling of trust subconsciously and I felt like I knew what I was expecting.

And this can be really important for a client when you’re going to be working with them longer term. It can really impact the results that they get. You might give them the best information, but if they’re not feeling there’s consistency throughout, then it can impact their ability to take on board and get the results that you would expect them to see.

So what can you do to start improving your consistency? Well, I’m going to share four things. Number one, start documenting your processes and your procedures. When you start writing them out, you’ll start to see where the gaps are. And then this can be followed through in how you train staff members.

Whether they be in your office, virtual staff members, anybody in your team. Start number two is assess your treatment protocols. So when you’re seeing clients and patients, look at how you’re providing those treatment. Protocols, prescriptions to your clients and patients, are there ways that you can streamline that and make sure that it has a more consistent feel so that I feel congruent with it?

Number three, do some surveys with current clients to see what they identify as the gaps in consistency. This information is really gold because these are people that already trust you and are willing to help when asked. Use that and do a simple survey with them either in person at their next appointment or send them a link and they can do that online.

Number four is to work on one thing at a time. There’s always a A lot of things, and like I said at the beginning, we sometimes feel like we’re wearing all these hats at the same time, but when you start working on the things that are most important, so prioritize that list, you will start to work through and start building more consistent, congruent messaging across your Bye.

You Business and across your marketing as well. So until next week, Wednesday, I will see you then subscribe to the channel, wherever you get your podcasts so that you get notified as soon as the next episode hits the podcast platforms. And this way you won’t miss out. Remember, if you have gotten value from this podcast, I would love for you to leave us a review.

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