#62 Here’s how businesses get results from social media

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In this episode, I share invaluable insights on navigating the world of social media for business success. From crafting a winning strategy to deciphering analytics and fostering consistent engagement, we’re unlocking the keys to sustained growth.


1. Strategic Navigation: Treat your social media journey like a trip; have a strategy that serves as a living document, guiding your marketing efforts consistently.

2. Numbers are Allies: Embrace the power of testing and measuring. Use analytics to understand your social media’s impact, ensuring every effort contributes to your business goals.

3. Consistency Wins Over Algorithms: Be consistent in your online presence. Algorithms favour businesses that show up regularly, creating a dependable relationship with your audience.

4. Engagement Matters: Posting and ghosting isn’t an option. Actively engage with your audience; social media is a two-way street. Building relationships is fundamental to boosting brand credibility.

5. Harness the Power of Reviews: Encourage client testimonials, reviews, and case studies. Third-party endorsements build trust and showcase your expertise, creating valuable content for your business.


 Are you looking for simplified ways to grow your business? Do you struggle with knowing where to focus your energy for the best return? Or are you loving your business success and looking for ways to stay ahead of the pack, just for inspiration and innovative techniques? If you’ve answered yes to any of these, keep listening my friend.

Hi, I’m Amita from Holistic Vision. As a business owner, I I do understand that we wear multiple hats, sometimes all at the same time. Occasionally this leads to feelings of overwhelm and stress, of being reactive instead of proactive. But, when you’re equipped. With the right business strategies, marketing insights, and mindset, it leads to a sense of accomplishment.

It also ensures that your confidence in your skills grows. Plus, there’s real power in the fact that you are creating a lifestyle that you love whilst going and helping others. So, If you’re ready, tune in every Wednesday by hitting that subscribe button right now. Don’t forget to like and share this podcast with two to three friends in your network who could really get value from the information that we share.

Today, we’re talking about how businesses get results using social media. I wanted to share with you five tips around this, and this comes from a lot of research, a lot of conversation with people, and all the questions that I get from clients. plus the results that I’ve gotten with my clients as well. So let’s start with number one.

This is the one that I tell people you have. to do. Let me know if this is something that you’re doing or you have avoided. I’d love to know. Number one though is having a strategy. When businesses are succeeding on social media, it is because they’ve got a strategy. It’s the same as taking a trip. If you were going from point A To point B, you need to know how to get there, correct?

The same applies to having a strategy for your marketing with your business. You need to know what that final destination looks like and the stops that you need to take along the way. Where they’re going to be, how long they’re going to be, and building that out into a strategy that’s going to work for your business.

A strategy is going to allow you to not only know what that final destination is, but it’s going to guide you as the foundation for knowing where you’re at, what step you’re up to. What’s the next step in your journey and what that looks like in terms of the results that you’re getting? It’s really important that when you have a strategy you’re using it All the time.

I like to think of a marketing strategy as a living document. It is not one of those ones that you’re going to fill out and file on your desktop and never come to again. No, my friend. A marketing strategy is something that you will come back to regularly to reflect on where you’re at, to understand what the next steps are, and to refine your process for your marketing online.

It will also take into account marketing that may not be online. This could be in person marketing, it could be your paper marketing, advertising in magazines, newspapers, journals, etc. But all of this is taken into account when you put together your marketing strategy. The second thing that businesses who are getting results on social media are doing is that they are testing and measuring.

Yes, I know, numbers might freak you out, it’s like giving everything to your accountant for your tax purposes, right? But, they are critical numbers. that you need to be aware of when it comes to your social media, when it comes to your digital presence, that you can use to your benefit. Think about it. Why would you want to be spending hours and dollars on something that you don’t know?

If it’s working or not for you, it’s a bit of a waste, isn’t it? But when you know and you’re tracking, you can start to see that return on investment. Marketing isn’t something that is just here, let me dish the money out and think that, ah, there’s no way to track it. That is not true, my friend. In today’s world, Where we’re using digital marketing, everything is trackable.

There are statistics that you can analyze with regards to every platform that you’re putting yourself onto. So if you want the five analytics for each of the platforms, then head to my free download, which will give you all this analytics that you need to grow your business. At holistic vision.com au slash analysis.

This spreadsheet is going to change your life, improve your dollar spend, and see you having a return on your investment with your marketing. Sound good? Yeah, for sure. So when we’re coming to talking about testing and measuring businesses that are succeeding are doing this on a regular basis. They’re looking at the analytics for what’s happening with their social media.

They’re understanding how people are engaging with their content on their website and they’re putting the pieces together to create more content. that works for their audience. Get the download and start tracking what’s working for your business. Start spending time on the things that work instead of doing this as a, I’ll just put it out there and let’s see how we go.

Be more proactive with that. Number three is looking at being consistent. Yes, we had A whole episode on consistency recently. But I want to really highlight the importance of being consistent with your marketing. Consistency online will help with algorithms on social media platforms. And this is what you see, those businesses that are succeeding, are growing, are getting engagement on their social media.

One of the key factors is that They are showing up consistently. Now consistency for every person, every business will be different. It’s about choosing a number that works for you. What you feel you can achieve in a week for your content. If that means you’re putting three posts out on one platform, great.

If you can do that consistently, That’s the most important thing. It is not about putting posts out there one week, having a gap for a month, and then putting another post for a week, and then forgetting about it again. That, my friends, is not going to be approved, or liked, or promoted. By the social media platforms and your audience won’t know when to expect valuable content from you.

Why should they follow you? Why should they engage if they don’t know when you’re going to be posting? They don’t see that regularly coming up in their feed. You’re most likely going to lose that opportunity to a competitor. And the fourth thing that businesses that are succeeding with social media are doing is they are showing up.

They are not posting and ghosting as I like to call it. What do I mean by that? Posting and ghosting is when you put a post out there. And don’t reply to comments or don’t actively engage with your audience. If somebody sends a direct message and it’s a valid, not a spam direct message, you’re not responding to that in a timely manner.

Somebody puts a valid comment on a post of yours. You’re not commenting back. You’re not replying. That is what we call posting and ghosting. This is… Somebody taking the time to try and engage with you to show you that they are interested in what you’re saying, are interested in the product or service that you offer.

It is your opportunity to capitalize on that relationship and start building a stronger relationship with them. Like I like to remind people, social media is called social for a reason. It is a two way street of communication. So it is important that you are engaging. with your audience. Actively go out there and follow people that you feel are your ideal client because that’s going to show them that you care.

Start making valid comments, sharing valuable content and comments on their posts to start letting them know that you exist. And you will be surprised At the number of great connections you can make through that simple thing. Number five. And this? is something that has been really underutilized. More so because people don’t know how to go about it or see how valuable it can be to your business.

And this number five is one I would highly recommend you start doing because it can really shift your business. And that is asking for reviews, testimonials, and doing case studies. This is your business’s way of not only you standing on the pedestal and showing and highlighting your expertise and experience, but having other people that have worked with you, that have bought your product or service.

Saying the same thing through their experience with being in your realm, working with you and showcasing the results that they’ve gotten. This is what it’s about, connection and relationship building, that authority building, not from you directly. But from those that have worked with you, it is the most valuable content that you can get.

Referrals through your testimonials, through your reviews that people are leaving for you. Now, depending on your industry or profession, it is important to just be mindful of how you showcase these. reviews, testimonials, and case studies. So always check with your governing body of what is allowed and what isn’t allowed, because there are definitely criteria with regards to this.

Generally, you’re always safe to get people to put reviews on your Google business page because that’s open source, whereas getting them to write in a testimonial and then sharing that on your social media. May not be something that is possible depending on your industry or profession. So just remember that one simple way, if you don’t feel confident or comfortable going out there and asking somebody for a testimonial or review is in your email signature, just have a quick line that says, we would love you to take.

We would love you to leave a Google review. Here’s the link, simple, in your invoices, have the same thing and just put it out there. Not everybody will do it, but you will be surprised. Those clients that love working with you, that are loyal, that refer their friends and colleagues to you are going to take the time to leave you a review.

Also, at the finish of a project. When you do your final review with your client, that’s another time to just put it in there and ask for a review. So there’s simple ways that you can do that, and it is an important one. Start thinking about case studies, how you could write that up for your business, where you could start sharing that on social media, on a page, on your website.

Start thinking about. Ways that you can get that third party endorsement, it’s going to make a difference. And that is how businesses grow online through social media and through their website and digital presence. So I hope that those five tips. Have inspired you to know that other businesses are getting success doing these five things and being consistent with it.

And so can you, it just starts with taking action. Yes, you heard me taking action. It’s great to listen to this podcast and think to yourself, ah, yes, Amita, I get it, I’m going to do it. And then you forget about it. That’s not going to help. It’s not going to get done by itself. So, my homework for you is sit down for 10 minutes, take one of these action points, and map it out for your business.

Start focusing small steps. Steps in the right direction, and that’s going to get you the results that you’re looking for. As always, if you do need further help with clarity, feel free to book in a clarity call with me at holisticvision. com. au And again, if you want that resource for understanding the, the most important analytics to look out for with all your digital marketing, head to holisticvision.

com. au forward slash analysis and grab that resource right now. Until next week, my friends, happy marketing.

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