Have a Successful Launch- Your Step By Step Checklist

You're probably feeling stressed, and worried that your launch is going to fail.

You’re freaking out because you know you’ve got this great idea for a launch but have no idea where to start. You’re thinking you must be crazy trying to do this! I mean, who needs the stress? Who needs more work to do? What’s the point if nobody signs up?



Stop right there.

Now count backwards from 5. 5- 4- 3- 2- 1. Now let’s start again.

How will you know if your launch is going to fail or succeed if you never give it a go? And what does failure really mean? There’s no such thing as failure if you try. Because by trying, you’re learning, and by learning you’re able to adapt and apply what you’ve learnt.

Feeling nervous is normal. Because it means you care about your business, your launch and most importantly about your clients’ results.

So here’s how other female course creators are achieving massive results! All while feeling more confident, in-control and ready to share their message.

This done-for-you Launch Checklist gives you the lowdown of everything you need to plan before you launch, during and after. That way you focus on the important stuff without feeling overwhelmed with everything you think you need to do. Plus this list helps you coordinate with your VA/ Admin to designate each item on it! Boom! You’re off and running…

Keep it simple.

Keep it organised

Get your Live Launch Plan Checklist now. Download below.