Marketing Strategy for consistent growth of your health practice.

Have a strategy that clarifies your business goals and direction.

Your genius zone is as a health professional, not a marketing strategist.

You try to wear all the hats, but you've realised you lack marketing knowledge. Yet you're worried about finding someone who understands your profession and all the nuances of the TGA, AHPRA and advertising regulations.

You know that it's time to increase your online presence. Yet the missing link is a marketing strategy to help you focus your marketing efforts on the right people with the right message.

Our clients in the health and coaching professions love that we bring our 20+ years of experience in these professions too.

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Join our 4-step Marketing Success program to clarify your business goals and direction by defining the who, what, and how of your marketing.

✔️ Learn how to make marketing work for you.

✔️ Attract the right paying clients.

✔️ Build a sustainable practice.

✔️ Gain confidence with marketing that works.

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The 3 steps to having a Marketing Strategy that grows your clinic:

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Book a free Clarity Call.

We will discuss your current marketing challenges and how the Marketing Success program can help you resolve them.

Work 1:1 with Ameeta.

We will take you through the 4-step Marketing Success program to equip you with the right strategy and mindset to grow your business.

Implement your Marketing.

You’ll get the exact steps to implement your marketing strategy with dedicated support.


It can take 3-6 weeks to design a website. The time is dependent on how long it takes the client to provide content and feedback. I work at a pace that suits my client. So each case is slightly different.

That's okay. I have a few great graphic designers I work with that could assist you. We can discuss your needs during our 'Let's Connect for Web Design" call.

Absolutely. It's all about content, keywords and placement. Search engines favour this. And the right content will help attract your ideal client. If you need help with content writing I know some great writers that work with clients in the wellness space.

Yes! I'd love to set up your sales funnel to drive more new leads to your sales page. I also help set up sales pages/ landing pages for yoga therapists, counsellors, Nutritionists, Naturopaths, Acupuncturists and more!

Print media is not dead. I know of many clients that have success in advertising in their local papers, magazines and having brochures handed out to local businesses. It depends on your target audience. If they're readers of print material then go to where they are. 

My best advice is to start with a strategy. Having a plan from the start will save you time and money. Document your journey and results. So you can test what's working or not. And enjoy the journey!

REsults Coaching programs are offered to provide structured support for your wellness business. This coaching has programs for those starting off in business and one for current business owners. These 12-week coaching programs are designed to maximise your results and create abundant growth.

Yes. It would make sense that every business had a marketing strategy and plan. A Marketing Strategy is the blueprint of how you see your business showing up in front of your target audience. It sits alongside your Business plan. And is just as important. A Marketing Strategy projects how you'll grow your business now and in the future. It is a living document, so once done, change, adapt as you progress in business.