Ameeta Gangaram

Founder of Holistic Vision and host of the Simple Marketing Solutions podcast

Bio for Ameeta

Meet Ameeta, a passionate health industry veteran with over 20 years of experience. 

Known as the “Chaos Whisperer”, Ameeta helps healthcare professionals who feel overwhelmed with everything digital to grow their practice with confidence and ease. She does this through her guiding her clients to simplify, streamline and succeed. Ameeta works with clients via private coaching, the “She Succeeds” online group coaching program, and done-for-you marketing services which include: marketing strategy, web design, and email marketing.

Ameeta has a background in healthcare and marketing. Over the past 15 years Ameeta successfully established 2 award-winning healthcare practices and a health food store in Brisbane. She is also a #1 best-selling co-author of Elevate Your Health. Her passion lies in equipping healthcare professionals with the foundations to grow successful businesses without burning out. 

Looking for someone who understands the health industry? Who can guide you to success without the overwhelm? Look no further. Visit to learn more.



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