Fulham Community

Community Centre- Website Re-Development

Fulham Community Centre services the community of the district of West Torrens, Adelaide. They are a not-for-profit organisation, committed to increasing community engagement, connection, and support. They offer a wide array of activities, events, services, and venue hire options and are looking for ways to reach more of their community through a digital medium.


Their current website did not offer the functionality and ease of use that the client was after. It was not editable; therefore, the content was not relevant, and it left the user lacking in their overall experience.


It was identified that the user journey on the site was not smooth and did not allow for effective transition from learning more about the centre to making direct contact. Other local community centres had a stronger presence online, with websites that were appealing to users within their target market.


We worked with the client to understand what their user journey should look like. From conducting market research, we identified key areas on the website that were essential for a great user experience. We brought the spirit of the Community Centre and infused this throughout the website, allowing users to immediately feel connected. Each page design was carefully thought out to increase the time spent on the website and lead the user to get in contact or booking an activity at the Community Centre.

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