MediHerb ANZ

MediHerb is an Australian brand of practitioner-only herbal medicines. Their range incorporates the manufacture and distribution of liquid and tablet herbs and herbal formulations. Founded by Prof Kerry Bone over 30 years ago, it is a brand that is synonymous with quality and efficacy.


MediHerb was looking at increasing its reach

 within the natural healthcare industry,


Market research identified that their target market needed to change to meet the current needs of the industry. Brand awareness was lower with newly graduated practitioners.

When I started, MediHerb had under 8000 followers across just one channel and a limited level of engagement through digital mediums. The team worked on creating a Social Media Strategy that aimed to grow the brand within the natural healthcare sector in Australia and New Zealand. The aim was to build an online community for natural healthcare practitioners, their customers, using educational, inspiring, and informative content.

The strategy was complex as it involved filtering information out through the Sales team, who were in direct contact with customers, as well as using social media to cultivate relationships, where none had existed before. Within 18-months the brand had grown its digital presence across 3 social media channels to over 22K followers, making them the fastest-growing brand in their competitive set for both Facebook and Instagram and engagement had increased by 500% within 5 months.


  1. Grew Facebook and Instagram audiences to a combined total of over 18,000 followers from only 7500.
  2. Increased engagement by 500% across all channels.
  3. MediHerb had the largest following in their competitive set on Instagram and Facebook, with one of the highest numbers of engagements on Instagram.
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