Organic Matters

Health Food Store- Full Agency Support

This health food store was established in 2007 in Brisbane, Queensland. At that time, it was one of 3 major organic health food stores on the Northside of Brisbane.


As this was a small business enterprise, it didn’t have the marketing budget of its competitors, which were franchises. Therefore, an innovative marketing strategy was called for.


We created a brand whose values were based on integrity, authenticity, and compassion. These values were instilled in all staff and reflected in the customer base, which grew from an initial 100 loyalty members to over 5000 through traditional advertising, traffic through a new website, joint ventures, and TV opportunities on Channel 9. The business saw exponential growth with an annual turnover exceeding $1 million within the first 24 months.


1. Grew loyalty members to over 5000 from an initial 100, 500% increase in returning customers.
2. Monthly promotions EDM generated over 60% conversion consistently, with an average open rate of 78%, compared to the 20% industry standard.
3. Implementation of the marketing strategy led to several TV opportunities for the business and regular newspaper advertorials.