Robyn The Naturopath

Naturopathic Practitioner -Digital Marketing Strategy

The client is currently working part-time within a clinical practice on the Sunshine Coast. However, her goal is to expand her clinic and build her own brand.


The client has over 15-years’ experience within the natural healthcare industry and is passionate about helping women through all hormonal stages of their lives. She has a keen interest in growing herbs and educating her clients on the benefits of incorporating medicinal herbs into their everyday lives.



The client has no social media channels, CRM or digital presence. The client has been running her practice with no digital clinical management tools.

We worked to create the foundational business and marketing strategy, whilst refining her target market. The process highlighted the client’s mission and vision and through coaching we were able to identify key tools to implement for streamlining her business processes.

We set up a CRM, 2 social media channels and a clinical management software to run her practice.

We created and implemented a social media strategy, including content-writing and post-creation, following set content pillars, to generate consistency and branding.


  1. The ‘Welcome’ email nurture series resulted in an open rate of 90% vs 30% for the industry standard.
  2. One week of launching the social media channels resulted in over 30 followers on Facebook via organic traffic to the page.
  3. The client now has a consistent brand image across all her digital platforms and has a clear social media strategy in place.