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We understand that finding the right agency to work with you is vital. Because you've invested time and money into your business. Therefore, we thought we'd showcase a few of the websites and e-commerce stores we've designed for clients in the Coaching, Health and Wellness and Academic professions.

Anik - Health Coach

Website & Branding Package + Coaching

Anik is one of the most dedicated and nurturing women I have known. She is an action-taker and cares deeply for her clients and work.


It has been a pleasure seeing the transformation and adaptability of Anik as she journeys into becoming the CEO of her.

Business: Feather and Love Health Coaching

Christina Sanchez- Mindset Coach

Website & Branding Package


I was honoured to work with the dedicated Christina Sanchez, who has such a valuable message to share with women struggling to overcome emotional eating patterns.

Her experience around addictions over the past 20 years’ plus her personal journey continue to inspire and support women who have recently undergone bariatric surgery.

Business: Bariatric Mindset Coaching

Lisa McLean - Naturopath

Website & Branding Package


Lisa is one of the most inspiring Naturopaths I have worked with over the past 20 years’. Her wealth of knowledge and nursing background gives her an edge in this profession.

Coupled with her culinary skills, and focus on women’s health and chronic disease, her clients are in the best place possible for all-round care and nurturing.

Business: Total Healthcare Naturally

Sandra Hotz - Counsellor & Naturopath

Website & Branding Package


Sandra is a truly grounded soul, who has been helping women through trauma and healing for over 20 years. Her depth of knowledge and passion shine through in all she does.

It was a pleasure to bring Sandra’s new website to life and help her re-define her audience as she moved into a new clinic and phase of her business.

Business: Healing From Source

Lisa McLean - Naturopath & Chef

Website & Branding Package


The talented Lisa and I began our business relationship with this website project. She was eager to utilise her passion for food and her expertise as a Naturopath and combine the two to bring The Cooking Naturopath to life.

The Cooking Naturopath is a culinary journey that takes you through cuisines of the world in an experience of food, flavour and insights, culminating in the enjoyment as a group of the cooking experience. 

These classes have been such a hit, selling out every time!

Business: The Cooking Naturopath

Dr. Sheetal Bhoola - Professor, Keynote Speaker

Website & Branding Package


Dr. Sheetal Bhoola is an esteemed and world-renowned speaker, presenter and lecturer. Dr Bhoola has a keen focus in anthropology and sociology and has written and published numerous journal research papers. 

Dr Bhoola is a regular columnist and podcast guest. Dr Bhoola, who is based in South Africa has a large audience and travels extensively to present and collaborate on research projects.

I was honoured to work with her branding, logo and website design.

Business: Sheetal Bhoola

Trusted by natural healthcare businesses of all sizes.

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